About Kuwait Hackers:

Kuwait Hackers is Information Security Community which educate Information Security Science and gives solutions,testing systems,networks, website and mobile app security reports/PenTest/Ethical Hacking through different hacking techniques and setting up Information Security Policies for organization/companies/personal which allows them to protect them self from attackers/blackhat hackers. It provides consultancy and training services in Information Security/Hacking Science.

  • A leading Information Security experts - Kuwait.
  • Operating since 2010 by the Founder/CEO Basel Alothman
  • Doing Penetration Testing reports for different organization.
  • Speaks at local and international conferences.
  • Provide worldwide training courses on high level information security topics like "The Hackers Workshop", "Live Hacking", "Android Hacking" and "Botnet Analysis, Detection and Mitigation techniques".