Founder/CEO:Basel Alothman

  • Built my first computer at the age 9.
  • Developed first school's website for ministry of education in [Kuwait]@13. AL-Taleea News paper wrote about it. (OL)
  • Founded my first own business at 14.
  • MSc in Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, UK, 2013.
  • BSc in Computing & Information System, University of Dubai, UAE, 2011.
  • CeM 112685 (Certified e-Marketer from e-Marketing Association)
  • CPTE 5601 (Certified Penetration Testing Engineer from mile2)
  • LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester)
  • ECSA ECC-26988904 (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst)
  • CEH ECC-26853113 (Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council)
  • ISSA Membership #3138043
  • ISACA Membership - London Chapter - #786192
  • AoIR Membership (Basil Alothman)

    I'm living around Kuwait, London and Dubai. I enjoy my work as Founder & Director at Kuwait Hackers | هاكرز الكويت while I'm a Hacker instructor I did a lot of "Hacking Workshop" specialicially in Arabic Hacking workshop & live hacking. Also, I do all penetration testing consultancy services for orgnization/individuals. I worte about "Reverse Engineering of Mobile Malware Analysis for Intrusion Detection and Prevention." for my Masters thesis. While now I'm focusing to do my publication paper about "Botnet Analysis & Mititgation Techniques".

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